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Saturday, 6 July 2013

I'm a little tea pot.....

oh....you've popped in for a cuppa..which tea pot shall we use...you decide...

So which one did you choose....lets do tea cups another day...it may take some time!


  1. I just love the one in the fifth picture down - with light blue/green and red stripes.
    Julie xxxxxxx
    PS Earl Grey is my favourite tea!

  2. The plate at the back is a stand for it....this is my beach hut tea pot...except i havn't got a beach hut....yet!!! and if earl grey is your fav tea watch out for my next blog!!! thank youfor the comment julie x x x

  3. all so pretty...but the aqua with pink rose is my fave...*sigh* it's beautiful!!

    1. Good choice that's a modern one..pip studio x

  4. I love the pink floral. But then I love anything floral. Your display unit is just perfect for your teapots. A teapot for every day of the week.
    Fantastic collection and so pretty. IS IT TIME FOR TEA? IS THERE CAKE?

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  6. I have to make a cake every week for knitting club....it's always time for tea and ...I want to paint the unit but can't decide what colour...pink, blue orwhite.

  7. OMG - how to decide! Has to be the crinoline lady for me!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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