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Monday, 22 July 2013

i love growing things...

Growing veg has turned into one of the great loves of my life....
A garden trug is essential ...even if the veggie-bed is three foot from ones back door!

Not quite an enormous turnip...
But they are beautiful.... and mine!
and colour co-ordinated nail polish always helps x x x


  1. Oohh, very jealous of these lovely turnips!! And the matching nail varnish too, I must add!! Your trug is gorgeous, one day I will invest in one instead of my plastic box!! :)

    1. keep your eye out in a secondhand shop thats where mine came from x x

  2. I love the trug, and the nail varnish is a gorgeous colour, don't like turnips though........
    Julie xxxx

    1. wasn't sure i liked them! only had them shredded finely in a salad x

  3. Really impressive and of course they are even better enhanced by the trug
    We've just harvested our first courgettes and we feel incredibly proud : )


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