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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wedding Hair!

This weekend was the wedding that I have been resting my hand for!! My beautiful cousin got married in Somerset. It was a really beautiful wedding. As her wedding present I did her and her two bridesmaids hair.....

It has been over a year since I did any ones hair....and I was a tiny bit worried...but everything went without a hitch............ here's the brides hair as she sat down for me to do the last little tidying up bits...re tong the bit that had fallen down and affix her little veil....

I was due to have my last operation yesterday but the surgeon postponed it till the end of the month.....

Doing this wedding made me realise that I can't wait to start advertising in sunny Devon to do weddings and proms......

Here's me with my Poundland bow in my hair....I was looking for a fascinator in all the posh shops and then walked into Poundland and saw this....and I love it!!!

I do love weddings!!!!


  1. What a gorgeous wedding, everyone looks so happy. OMG poundland......it looks very expensive :) well done x

  2. What a beautiful day, you did the hair lovely i love the brides really beautiful, hope the opp goes well when it comes round, dee x


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