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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

oh i feel better.........

I have been collecting china for six years now and to tell the truth I have started to feel bogged down with all my china....I also have a dresser with tea pots on it.....I realise that I had so much that I wasn't really using it all which is one of my pets hates...so today after alot of heart searching I finally tackle this lot.....

 After hours this is what I am getting rid of....

 I have saved all my favourites....and put all my pink, flowery, and green summery plates in boxes destined for the attic...And this is my dresser now....
This is my autumn.....
And Christmas dresser.....
I feel much "lighter"
And looking at my dresser now I know I will use every single piece at least once over the coming months....

And imagine my excitement next spring when I pack away all my winter collection and unpack my spring/summer collection! A new tradition is born!


  1. Phew I bet that is weight off your mind! I'm like you with books! I have just got rid of twelve bags of books on our local freecycle.
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. it does everybody good to have a clear out now and again!

  2. It feels so good when we have a sort out...you have some beautiful china
    Thea x

    1. thank you thea, although it is all beautiful i felt i had too much to use properly x

  3. My taste has changed I am now going for more clean lines and less shabby chic. My walls are now clearer and my vintage china is behind a curtain in my dresser. At first it seemed strange not having all my bits around me, but now I love it. I can't let go of my china because I still have a dream of having some kind of coffee shop tea garden etc. and it took me so long to collect. I love all the pretty floral cups and saucers and use as many as possible.

    1. i use mine all the time too rosezeeta....and not just for drinking from, i use them for prawn cocktails and puddings x x


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