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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sucking it up! Buttercup!

Those of you who know me, know I have an on going hand problem, which has affected my ability to do  lots! I squeeze in crafting between periods where I can do nothing but pop pills and feel very sorry for myself....I have been letting the anxiety about my back garden build up until it seemed an insurmountable problem, so much so I was looking for someone to take it over for me...but after a bout of feeling low and depressed...I got ANGRY when hanging out my washing and thought "NO. NO .NO ;..this is MY bloody  garden and I am not going to let it BEAT me! So over the past few days I have been out there digging over my vegetable beds...asking the husband to help is a no go as he has arthritis in his shoulders and would be in agony for days if he dug! We are both useless lol! But a little bit here and a little bit there has resulted in two beds all ready and prepared....and although its not been easy...and I HAVE suffered for it....I am very proud of myself...I have reclaimed my garden! Once this hard bit is over and done...is basically just pootering around....
I have three quarter dug the big bed...and hoping to get it finished this week....then I will start planting stuff, I know its a bit late....but better late than never! Covered them over as I don't want every cat in the street to pooh in them! I didn't do all that hard word to make three giant cat litters!
I just read a quick paragraph about "NO DIG" gardening which is something I am going to have to read up and do research on! I even have plans to add two more huge beds...one will be a fruit bed..... but ....slowly does it! But I am so happy I have sucked it up and got on with it!

 Salad weather again! Hooray!The above is a very basic Tuna salad with Gouda cheese...but slap everything on a board and in little dishes and it gives an impression that one is somewhat of a domestic goddess...the hubster walked in and went wow!...which I am sure he wouldn't of done if I'd just bunged  it on the plate for him! lol!
 Nice to have fresh, crisp food again...Oh i hope we have  long hot heatwavey summer....we're due one!
 Although the evening still gets somewhat chilly so its still snuggle time with polka dots slippers.....
And my favourite quilt.....happy bank holiday! x

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  1. Wow, that's impressive gardening!! I don't think it is too late, as I am still waiting to plant radish, carrots, french beans....I could go on!! It has been a slow start to the spring this year, so I do think everything will be late, so give it a go!!! (but hey ho, what do I know!!) Love the spotty attire, quite jealous really, it looks very 'snugly !! Oooh and the tuna salad looks scrummy! I have started to put things on a board, and say it's a 'help yourself night', and it seems to go down better than when I serve it up on plates!! Way to go I think..... :)'


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