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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The worm has turned........

Was happily working away reclaiming some material...unpicking seams and quietly folding up the pieces and discarding the piping on the floor...when.....the hubster comes in and says "Are you throwing this away?" I confirmed I was...and he bent down picked it up and wound it around his hand...and to my amazement said..."couldn't you make one of them lampshades out of your shabby sh*te books?"
Ladies I practically fell out of my chair.......MY hubster making a granny chic suggestion off his own bat! Sort of admitting he had looked at the book! ( although thinking back I can remember leaving it in  the loo!)
So of course I had to have a go!
So it was up to the attic to find a shade I knew was lurking around......
I stripped the shade of its covering .......
I sewed the piping together.......
In the original book they used thin cotton...so naturally my shade is going to be thicker and not let as much light through....which is ideal as I am going to use it next to my bed...as long as light falls downwards to light my books I am happy...it's the only time I ever use it and the Hubster is less likely to moan with the light diffused x
I began by winding around the frame at the top..I was planning to cover this with some trimming but I liked the effect so much I decided not to in the end..
It was then just a matter of weaving the piping around the frame.....which sounds easier than it actually was....
And here it is....a bit rough and ready around the edges.......Think it would look much neater with thinner weight cotton....but it is what it is...thanks Hubster x


  1. It looks great!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. thank you julie x i woud like to say it looks lovely lit up but SOMEBODY nicked the plug off of it grrrrrrrrrr!

  3. That's lovely! Not sure I'd have the patience to wind/weave the fabric through the frame though!! Well done :)


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