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Friday, 10 February 2012

I Love Swaps!

Hello everyone...this cold weather makes one more likely to stay indoors and blog!
I have been wrapping up  warm and must confess to a few more pajama days than normal. 

 Snuggled up under the quilt in front of the open fire......is one of the reasons I love the winter, the feeling of being all warm and cosy with a cat on your lap and a tray of tea x

So its lovely to get a swap box arrive with the post man to cheer up a wintry day!

This one contained a lovely vintage pinny appliqued with radishes. 

Its so pretty and crisp and white.

Two pairs of ear rings pretty black roses and vibrant daisies.

A teeny tiny floral sugar bowl...

A Royal Albert September cup which I was so pleased with as September is my birthday month.

And lastly a wonderful shabby chic bracelet that enchanted me with charms of a singer sewing machine, a tea pot and a lovely Keep Calm and Carry-on charm. It was such along time ago that I sent off my swap box I can't really remember what I put in it..I do remember it contained a vintage trio (most of my swap boxes do funnily enough!) a pair of sugar tongs, some embroidered doileys and a selection of teas but I really can't remember the rest!

 Here are the latest additions to my china tea cup collection.I am a sucker for floral cups with gold on...I just adore this one.....

My friend Margaret gave me this poppy trio, its so very delicate and I love poppies  so much its what I called my youngest daughter!
 This Royal Albert cup is called Primrose Hill and there is so much going on..its so detailed.

A delicate rose cup, heavily decorated inside with mint green accents.

This Paragon trio has such a pretty name...Bridal Rose...wouldn't it be lovely on the top table of a wedding for the bride to sip her tea from .

 A delicate pink Tuscan trio with lots of gilding...so pretty especially with pink tea//raspberry is my favourite at the moment
 And last but not least a Royal Albert December trio.......I now have three months...September, October and this one, I shall be keeping my eyes out for others..hopefully I will all twelve one day.

Well I am off to do some more embroidery...sweet peas this time...see you soon x


  1. Hi,
    I came across your great blog after meeting Jill from Rosiebud Designs at the South Molton Vintage Fair last weekend (she subscibes to your blog) I was drawn to it as I live in Devon too and have a mad passion for collecting vintage stuff, so much so that I had to think of ways to turn it into a business in order to make some room in my house! Anyway, I now pour soya candles into anything I can (old Dartmouth pottery urns, Jelly moulds and old coloured glass etc) I try to stay away from too many cups and saucers as I know a few others do this too, but sometimes can't resist as they look so pretty! As I was reading away I spotted your Royal Albert "months" cups and saucers and remembered that I had one here "March" it's very pretty with anemones in pinks and purples. It is a duo not a trio, but I would be happy to swap it for another.... let me know (sam@peagreenfurniture.com)

  2. Fab red dress and a lovely tea party hx


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