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Saturday, 9 April 2011

It's almost like summer!

Have you been enjoying this lovely weather???
We have got the garden furniture out and had the first tea in the garden, of the year.

Beautiful tea cups in the sunshine....who could feel sad!
My daughter Poppy and I sit with a tray of pretty tea cups and pot every afternoon when she arrives home from school and discuss her school day........
It actually encourages her to talk about her day instead of just grunting something incomprehensible....and disappearing into her bedroom, and i look forward to our little chats.
This morning she bounced out of bed and decided it was bacon sarnies all around....we had no bread so she walked over the shop and then proceeded to make me the above tea tray and a bacon sarnie while dancing the running man and singing at the top of her voice in one of my pretty flowery aprons...all without any prompting.......where did I go wrong?????LOL!

The warm weather has also made me dust of my old faithful bike......
And cycle down to the front to spend a few sunny afternoons on the beach.

It' wonderful to live by the sea .

Till next time friends x


  1. oooh lovely tea cups :o) Scarlett x

  2. I recognise that view and I recognise the park you are cycling through. We lived in Sidmouth 1986 - 1990.
    Lovely cups and saucers by the way
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Sorry did you say something? I was too busy looking at your gorgeous teapot and cups!

    And that daughter of yours a quite the sweetie!



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